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Welcome to Anthony Catering..

Anthony Catering was founded in 1992, throught out the decades we have reputed ourselves as Traditional Caterers to Deliver Authentic taste.


During our exclusive Taste Tradition Weekend, it is our pleasure to serve you the finest food, wine, and spirits. Our dishes feature farm-raised meats, the freshest seafood, and herbs and vegetables straight from our historic gardens to your table

Just because a dish is traditional doesn't mean that it can't change. In an extract from his new book The Virtues of the Table, Julian Baggini writes that traditions are safest in the hands of producers who are prepared to adapt

Behind almost every tradition is a myth, and behind all traditions is the biggest myth of them all: that this is what our people have always done. But, of course, cuisines are always evolving and with food, "forever" simply means "as long as we can remember"